13th -19th October 2015
Nicolosi (CT)

About the project

“Reporting diversity: an ethical representation of migrants and minorities” is a project organized by the National Institute for Social Integration (NSII), which is based in Vilnius, Lithuania in partnership with 7 organisations from Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Spain, Romania.
The project has the goal to make space for sharing experiences and developing the competences of a sensitive representation of vulnerable groups and raise awareness about hate provocation and manipulation.
Across Europe populist and extremist movements are manipulating peoples’ fears and prejudices to build support for their divisive policies. Inciting hatred against unpopular social groups is a classic strategy to gain visibility and garner votes, especially in times of economic crises.
Media play a significant role in provoking hate speech and creating stereotypes. However, the institutions that educate journalists do not have opportunity for interactive learning how to portray these groups ethically, without making a negative impact. Thus many journalists do this in a harmful manner, that fosters negative prejudices and hate crimes.
What is the role of the media and journalists when hate speech is on the increase? Who should decide on the limits of freedom of speech? How do media professionals in other countries tackle the problem of hate speech and discrimination?
The unique blend of teaching methods and experience of experts will enable you to successfully apply the newly acquired knowledge and insights gained during the training in your day-to-day work practices. During the trainings you will have the opportunity to speak to people from various socially vulnerable groups and be guided int the creation of articles in cooperation with young journalists from other countries. The training programme is based on a methodology that allows clear identification of barriers, encourages one to work on essential skills and transfer knowledge into action.

About NSII

The National Institute for Social Integration was founded with the goal to support the most vulnerable groups of society. In order to achieve this goal, the team of our NGO is implementing five programmes and creating new ones, as you can see consulting our website, One of the programmes is Media4Change (, a powerful movement for highest standards in journalism. The main aim of Media4Change is to contribute to create a new generation of journalists who are able to carry out investigations without forgetting the ethical and humanitarian side of the issues. With our investigations, we give the voice to people who are marginalized and examine problems that are out of media agenda. We also believe that the cooperation with other NGOs, media and experts of human rights is the key for a better representation of socially vulnerable groups, as migrants and minorities. On a regular basis, Media4Change hold discussions, workshops, seminars, formal and informal meetings with journalists, experts, representatives of socially vulnerable groups and other NGOs in order to give the young journalists the tools to recognize and combat the hate speech on media and to go deeply into the knowledge related with human rights.

About Arci Catania (partner, receiving organisation of the project)

Arci Catania is a no profit organisation active in the field of cultural promotion, education and training, social and youth work. Arci Catania coordinates 14 local youth clubs and youth centres in the province of Catania which are part of the network Arci. Its goal is to promote processes of active citizenship and democratic participation for all collectives victim of marginalisation (immigrants and asylum seekers, young people with less opportunities, people with mental problems, etc) in order to promote their social inclusion and integration in the society.
Arci Catania promotes projects and initiative in the field of youth policies and youth work both at local and international level. We host international youth exchanges since 1996.
We are an EVS sending and hosting accredited organisation since 2001. We run international training activities since 2004. We’ve been coordinating several international projects in the field of intercultural learning and cultural diversity, active citizenship, social inclusion, intercultural dialogue and culture with the support of several international programmes.
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